Silva Sec

Silva Sec. SILVA knows how to make first class pedometers. From that it’s a small and very natural step to develop SILVA

smart bands. A lifestyle marker that can help you on your way to a healthier and more active life.

The scientists talk more and more about the importance of everyday exercise. It’s not the aerobic sessions or

your daily jogs that make a difference. It’s what you do between those training sessions that counts. Walk to and

from work, take the stairs instead of the elevator and play with your children.

With the SILVA Smart bands you can keep track of your daily activity and also the quality of your sleep. Choose

between Sec with less features, or choose the Sec X if you want to go all in. The soft rubberized plastic gives it a

sober look and makes it sit comfortably on your wrist. You can follow your activity in the available App for iPhone

and Android.


- Sec: Sleep monitor, Step, distance, calories, target etc.

- Touch screen

- Bluetooth connection with App – Android and iPhone


- Only the most important functions

- If you’re interested in more advanced functions

- For easy navigation

- Seamless transmission of data


- Easy to use for everyone

- For the more advanced user

- Easy-to-use

- Real-time data access


- Functions : Time, Step, km, cal, exercicetjme, 100%of target, battery status + APP functions

- No of batt/type: Li-Po

- Battery lifetime: 7 days

- Charging time: 2h

- Battery indication: Yes

- Accuracy: TBC

- IP class: TBC

- Durability


- Temp operating range: TBC

- Material: TBC

- Dimensions: TBC

- Weight: 19g

- Instructions manual languages: TBC

Recommended Use Multisport
Features Daily activiy tracker
Features Accelerometer