Shimano Boa L6 Rc500 Left

Shimano Boa L6 Rc500 Left. Features:

- Surround Wrapping Upper Structure Reduces Overlap, Provides Glove-Like Fit.

- Low Stack Height Midsole Helps Stabilize Foot, Maximizes Power Transfer And Efficiency.

- Integrated Sole And Upper Construction Sets A New Level Of Fit, Stability, Rigidity And Lightweight Performance.

- Mesh/Tpu/Synthetic Leather Composite Upper Provides Comfortable Fit And Better Breathability.

- Light Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon Sole For Power Transfer.


- Upper Material: Mesh+Tpu

- Outsole Material: Tpu

- Midsole Material: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon

- Standard Insole: Adaptable Cup Insole

- Weight: 250 G

- Synthetic Leather: Lighter, Stronger And More Durable Than Natural Leathers

- Carbon Sole/Mid Sole: Carbon Fiber Composite Sole/Mid Sole

- Wider Cleat Adjustment: Expands Range For Mounting Cleats

- Outsole Stiffness


Shimano Dynalist:

- The Toe-Spring Section Of A Cycling Shoe Plays A Key Role In Supporting Efficient Pedaling. Too High, And It Causes Increased Tension In The Plantar, Calf, And Hamstring Muscles. Too Low, And You Get A Bowlegged, Inefficient Pedaling Form. Extensive Research By Shimano´S R&D Experts Has Produced A Superior Shoe Last Design With An Optimized Toe-Spring Section That Promotes A Smoother, More Energy-Efficient Upstroke. Built Based On Feedback From Pro Riders, Shimano Dynalast Helps Reduce Energy Loss On Long Rides, Letting You Keep More In The Tank For That Final Sprint To The Line.

Expanded Cleat-Adjustment Range:


- A Combined Fore And Aft Cleat-Adjustment Range Of 22 Mm (11 Mm From The Outsole And 11 Mm From The Cleat) Offers Each Rider The Opportunity To Find Their Best Cleat Position.


- A Wide Cleat-Adjustment Range Is Enhanced By Additional Aft Adjustment To Deliver Rider Confidence For Increased Bike Control.

22 Mm Of Total Cleat-Adjustment:

- 22 Mm Of Combined Cleat-Adjustment Range Offers Each Rider The Ability To Select The Best Possible Cleat Position.

Wider Cleat Adjustment:

- Expands Range For Mounting Cleats

Shimano Pedaling Dynamics Sl:

- Born Of The Pro Tour Demand For Optimal Power And Endurance, The Low-Profile Pedal Technology Has Expanded To A Wide Range Of Cyclists, Including Competitors At All Levels, Sport, Club And Recreational Riders. Spd-Sl Is A Road Pedal Platform Systematically Engineered With Shimano Footwear To Transfer More Power From Your Body To Your Bike. For Pro Riders The Extra-Wide, Low-Profile Cleat Distributes Energy More Evenly Over A Wider Surface And Transfers It More Efficiently To The Bike, Under The Most Extreme Pedaling Loads. No Wasted Movement. No Loss To Flex, Voids Or Mismatched Shoe/Pedal Designs. It’S A Core Advantage That Helps Win Races. The Same Energy Efficiency That Powers Pro Riders To The Podium Enhances The Experience Of Other Rider Categories. Increased Endurance For Longer Rides. More Comfort And Fun! System-Engineered. Rider-Tuned. You Choose.

Power Transfer Efficiency:

- Spd-Sl Is The Road Specific Refinement Of The System. This Pedal Platform Was Designed Specifically For The Needs Of World-Class Road Racers. The Seamless Pedal And Cleat Interface For A More Efficient Power Transfer Under The Extreme Pedaling Loads Encountered In Race Competitions.

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