Shimano Alivio Tubular. The Alivio 425 and 450 BX Tubular rods are the new entry level Shimano 3pc surf casting rods. Even for this price level, the XT30 blanks are very good (stiff, responsive and powerful) and in combination with the anti tangle Hardlite guides, this new Alivio casts big distances.


- Rod Type: Surf

- Blank Material: XT30 + SOLID TIP

- Reel Seat: DPS

- Packaging: Cloth bag + Guide protector

- Guide Type: Shimano Stainless Steel Hardlite

- Lengths: 4.00m-4.20m

- Weight (g): 579

- Length (m): 425

- Transport Length (cm): 148

- Number of Sections: 3

- Number of Guides: 7

- Casting Weight (g): 225


XT Carbon:

- XT Carbon is used throughout the Shimano rod range. The number following the XT (XT100), denotes the quality of carbon fibre used. The higher the number, the stronger the carbon. Where different types of carbon are combined to create the required action both numbers will be shown (XT60/40).

Shimano Stainless Steel Hardlite Guides:

- Combining lightweight yet robust anodised steel frames with Aluminium Oxide liners, Shimano’s Hardlite (SiH) guides offer the ideal balance of strength and performance without compromise.

Shimano reel seat:

- In addition to using high-end Fuji reel seats, Shimano has designed a number of models in-house. These Shimano engineered models make it possible to use specialised reel seats for different types of rods.