Poseidon Cover Xstream

Poseidon Cover Xstream. The regulator of choice for the even the most formidable of divers. The XStream works with air, nitrox, trimix or 100% oxygen. Certified for use down to 200 m / 656 ft, this regulator never quits, giving it the honoured place as the US Navy´s, US Coastguard´s and the NYPD´s prefered regulator. There is no other way to put it, the Xstream has earned its name.

The benchmark for high performance:

- The Xstream features technology like non other. Taking advantage of a side purge, current-induced free flow is prevented while at the same time diverting bubbles that would otherwise obstruct the divers view. The regulator´s small size keeps it out of the way while its symmetry allows use from both the left and right side.


- Side Purge: A side purge prevents current-induced free flow and diverts bubbles away from view

- Ambidextrous: A unique design allows use from both left and right

- Compatible with most gases: The Xstream comes in versions compatible with air, nitrox, trimix and pure oxygen

- Dive Deep: Poseidon´s deepest diving regulator, tested and approved down to 200 m / 656 ft.


- The objective; design the most reliable 1st stage in the world. A patented ruby ball seal is automatically positioned by the floating seat which balances any upstream pressure equally with the pressure adjustment spring, maintaining the benefits of having a perfect ball as the sealing element without the risks that follow with incorrect sealing pressures. This makes the Xstream Range self-balancing, giving the same high performance, irrespective of the pressure in the cylinder. Added to this the range has a built in anti freeze protection in its construction. The TDA (Thermo Dynamic Antifreeze) ensures that the through-flowing water keeps the ice away, entirely without fluids or extra diaphragms.