Pomoca Top Fix Race

Pomoca Top Fix Race. Due to the increasing demand of the competition market, POMOCA is proud to present the first stretcher specifically designed for competitors, perfect to be used in combination with the unequalled POMOCA RACE ski skin model.

This new product, developed with the help of the Swiss National Ski Mountaineering Team, is yet another example of POMOCAs position as the world´s leading ski skin manufacturer.


The POMOCA Top Fix RACE offers several advantages:

- Strong and resistant 3.5mm elastic cord

- The elastic cord features a new gripping system, thus avoiding the classical knot

- Elliptic ring with eccentric holes, ensuring an optimal fitting on the ski and an easy removal

- Parallel cord holes, ensuring the perfect position of the ring

- Thick cord end resistant to low temperatures, easy to pull with gloves

- Ring displaying the POMOCA logo for optimal visibility of the brand on the upper side of the ski

- Easy fitting: no more do-it-yourself solutions!

- Each piece weighs only 5 grams!!

- Adjustable even to ski tips without central cut once the ring is removed