ACTIVITY:Continuous heart rate

- Follow your heart rate around the clock with PolAR´s continuous wrist-based heart rate solution

Continuous heart rate complements PolAR´s 24/7 activity tracking

The combination of continuous heart rate measurement and 24/7 activity tracking takes into account the intensity of your activity more comprehensively even activities with very little arm movement (such as cycling or walking with grocery bags) can be counted towards your daily activity goal and calorie burn more accurately

The heart rate graph in the Polar Flow app and web service shows how your heart rate varies during the day, and You´ll also get to know your highest and lowest daytime heart rate and your lowest night-time heart rate

PolAR´s continuous heart rate solution is intelligent, dynamic and optimised to complement 24/7 activity tracking in the best possible way

Your wrist unit checks your heart rate at regular short intervals, and if it detects that your heart rate is elevated, it automatically starts to record it

When your heart rate goes down, the recording stops automatically

The automatic heart rate recording also begins when the accelerometer on your wrist unit detects a high activity level

This way, your Polar device makes sure you get credit for all those important active moments in your day

-24/7 Activity Tracking

Tracks your daily activity at five intensity levels for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides a complete picture of all of your activity

It counts your active time, daily burnt calories, steps, distance from steps and sleep

it´s based on the analyses of the frequency, intensity and regularity of your movements together with your physical information

Intensity levels are:Resting (sleep and rest, lying down)

Sitting (sitting or other passive behavior)

Low (standing work, light household chores)

Medium (walking and other moderate activities)

High (jogging, running and other intense activities)

You can also see how different activity intensities accumulate daily activity:the higher the intensity, the faster You´ll reach your activity goal

Find more examples for low, medium and high intensity activities in Polar Flow app and web service

-Sleep Plus

- Most adults need eight hours of sleep, but sleep needs vary from person to person

It is recommended that adults get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep

Your sleep needs are affected by several factors like individual characteristics, training load, mental stress, body-s condition and possible sleep debt

Polar Sleep Plus automatically detects the timing, amount, and quality of your sleep based on your wrist movements

Sleep time shows the total time between when you fell asleep and when you wake up

Actual sleep shows how much of your sleep time was actually spent asleep

Interruptions show you how much time you spent awake during the night

Sleep continuity tells you how continuous your sleep was on a scale of 1-5, where 5 reflects uninterrupted sleep

The lower the value the more fragmented your sleep was

You can set your preferred sleep time to define how long you aim to sleep every night

You can also rate your sleep

You´ll receive feedback on how you slept based on your sleep data, your preferred sleep time and your sleep rating

Monitor your long-term sleeping patterns in Polar Flow

By following your sleep patterns you can see if they´re affected by any changes in your daily life and find the right balance of rest, daily activity and training

-Activity Goal

- We need physical activity to stay healthy

The Activity Goal helps and motivates you to stay active all day long

Your device tells you your daily Activity Goal and guides you on how to reach it

it´s based on your personal details chosen level of activity and general health recommendations

The activity bar on your device fills up during the day based on the duration and intensity of your activity

You can stay active at a moderate pace throughout the day or meet your goal faster with more intense activities

Your device helps you to reach your daily activity goal by giving practical guidance like ´walk for 50 minutes or jog for 20 minutes´

You can find more tips on how to reach your Activity Goal in the Polar Flow app and web service

The foundation of Polar Activity Goal is in evidence-based physical activity guidelines which establish the minimal amount of physical activity needed to achieve important health benefits

The health benefits include healthy body weight, healthy bones, muscles and joints, psychological well-being, and reduced risk of certain diseases

-Active Time

- Includes the cumulative time you spend on your feet and on the move

In other words, low, medium and high intensity activities are considered Active Time

To get more active time, avoid sitting or break it up regularly with short walks

Research has shown that both the reduced time spent inactive and breaks in inactivity have health associations

Replacing two hours of sitting per day by low intensity activity consumes calories equivalent to brisk walking for 30 minutes

You can see the time spent on different intensity levels in the Polar Flow app and web service

-Steps and Distance

Your device counts your steps and the distance you walk during the day

Your steps are estimated based on the frequency, intensity and regularity of your wrist movements

-Activity Summary Stores all your daily physical activity

You can easily follow your daily and long-term physical activity in Polar Flow app and web service

The total active time is the cumulative time of body movements that are good for your body and health

You will find detailed information in the Polar Flow app and web service, like time spent at different activity intensity levels, average of daily goal completion, calories burned and steps taken, amount of inactivity alerts and sleep time and quality

-Activity Benefit

- Tracks all your active choices during the day and shows how they help you stay healthy

Strong scientific evidence exists on the numerous benefits of physical activity

Activity benefits include, e

g.heart health, muscle and bone health, stress reduction and sleep quality

The Activity Benefit rewards you by giving you daily, weekly and monthly feedback, because the more regularly you move, the greater the health benefits

You can check up on how you´re doing either from the Polar Flow app or web service

-Inactivity Alert Reminds you to get up and avoid sitting and standing still for too long even on those days when you gain enough daily activity

Being inactive has a negative impact on your blood circulation, metabolism and energy expenditure

After 55 minutes of being inactive your device gives you an Inactivity Alert which reminds you to add active breaks to your daily routines

If you continue being inactive for more than one hour, you will see an inactivity stamp in your daily activity data

You won´t get any Inactivity alerts during night time

-Sleep Duration and Quality-Your training computer automatically tracks the duration of your sleep and shows in the Polar Flow app and web service how restful your sleep has been

Most adults do very well with eight hours of sleep, but sleep needs may vary from about six to nine hours

Your sleep needs are affected by several factors like individual characteristics, training load, mental stress, body-s condition and possible sleep debt

By following your sleeping patterns you can see if they´re affected by any changes in your daily life and find the right balance of rest, daily activity and training

An assessment of sleep quality relies on your wrist movements

The periods when you sleep peacefully and Don´t move a lot are calculated as restful sleep

The periods when you move and change your position are calculated as restless sleep

TRAINING:Running Program

- train for a running event with a personalised and adaptable running plan in Polar Flow

Choose one of four events, 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon, and get a comprehensive training plan that fits you and your goals

Depending on your choices and activity levels, you will receive a personal running program that can range from 9 to 15 weeks

Running Program also offers a base-building phase that can work for months before the start of the actual running plan

Running Program gives you easy-to-follow instructions, motivational guidance and supportive exercises with video instructions that take the guesswork out of training

During individual training sessions, compatible Polar products guide you in real-time

You can see your target heart rate zone and target duration and adjust your training for optimal results

Speed and distance from the wrist Measure your speed and distance from the movement of your wrist

Use running related sport profiles or walking and let the accelerometer track your distance and speed

- indoors and out

For accurate readings, remember to specify your handedness and other physical settings

-Wrist-based heart rate measurement In Polar wrist-based heart rate measurement heart rate monitoring is integrated into a device that can be worn on your wrist

It enables you to quickly and easily check your heart rate by entering training mode in your device

It measures your heart rate accurately and easily, and gives training guidance on how to train at the right intensity

The Polar wrist-based heart rate measurement is based on Polar proprietary optical heart rate module to give the best possible results, with an emphasis on both design and functionality

One of the key factors in wrist-based heart rate measurement, in ensuring an accurate reading from a wrist-based device, is ensuring a proper fit

The watch should sit behind the wrist bone, with the back of the watch fitting snugly against your wrist, but obviously not so tight as to prevent blood circulation or feel uncomfortable

-Heart rate

- Heart rate (HR) is an excellent measure of exercise and your training intensity

In the human body heart rate is regulated to match the demands of the body and the environment

When exercise intensity increases, heart rate also increases to match the increased rate of energy expenditure and oxygen uptake

Heart rate can be expressed as the absolute number of beats per minute (bpm) or as a percentage of your maximum heart rate (% HRmax) or heart rate reserve (% HRR)

Absolute heart rate during training is not very informative on its own, but when it´s expressed and interpreted in relation to HRmax or HRR it determines individual exercise intensity

Your heart rate value in beats per minute (e

g.125 bpm) is individual and cannot be compared to another person´s value

A percentage of your maximum heart rate value on the other hand is comparable

For instance your friend may have a higher heart rate value in bpm, but the percentage of your individual HRmax can be the same

This means that you have the same relative training intensity


- Maximum heart rate (HRmax) is the highest number of heart beats per minute (bpm) during physical exertion

HRmax is individual and may somewhat decrease as you age

It sets the individual reference value for your training intensity and is used in the calculation of the default heart rate zones and many Polar Smart Coaching features

An age-based HRmax is a rough estimate of your maximum heart rate, and it is used as default in most Polar training computers

The most reliable and safest way to determine your HRmax is to have it measured in a maximal laboratory test

Heart Rate zones

- Provide an easy way to adjust and monitor the intensity of your training

By using hear rate zones you can also follow heart rate-based training programs

The default zones are based on your HRmax

Different training intensities have different training benefits, for instance light intensity enhances basic aerobic endurance and hard intensity improves your body-s ability to sustain high intensity exercise and your maximal oxygen uptake

The default heart rate zones are divided into five intensity zones based on the percentage of your maximum heart rate:Very light (50-60% HRmax)

Light (60-70% HRmax)

Moderate (70-80% HRmax)

Hard (80-90% HRmax)

Maximum (90-100% HRmax)

You can define the zone limits yourself as you want

More detailed information about this can be found in the Polar Flow web service


- A moving symbol in zone display in your training computer showing whether you are inside the pre-set or desired target zone

This feature helps you to reach the desired intensity/pace/speed targets

-Polar Fitness Test Estimates your aerobic fitness at rest without any exertion in just five minutes

The result, Polar OwnIndex, evaluates your maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) and tells on what aerobic fitness level you are compared with people of the same age and gender

The test is based on resting heart rate, heart rate variability, gender, age, height, body weight and your self-assessment of the level of long-term physical activity

You can compare your value to the population norms, the average values of people of the same age and gender

Polar Fitness Test can motivate you to start, maintain or increase physical exercise

You will only need your training computer and a heart rate sensor

To be able to follow the progress, the test should always be carried out under the same conditions, meaning at the same time of day, in a peaceful environment, and following a light training day or a day of rest

H10 heart rate sensor required

-Smart Calories

- Calculates the number of calories burned based on your individual data:your weight, height, age, gender, HRmax, HRrest, VO2max, and the intensity of your training/activity

Heart rate-based calorie calculation is used when heart rate is measured, and it measures burned calories the most accurately also in conditions like cycling or lifting weights

Activity-based calorie calculation is used in training computers and activity trackers, when heart rate is not available

You can see the cumulative energy expenditure (in kilocalories, kcal) during exercise and total kilocalories of the session after exercise

You can also follow your total daily calories

-Training Benefit

- Helps you to understand how each training session benefits your fitness

It also gives you motivating feedback immediately after exercise

With the Training Benefit feature, you can make your training more varied by altering your training intensity and duration

The Training Benefit feedback is based on exercise intensity and duration

It reads into how much time you spend and how many calories you burn in each intensity zone

You get a quick overview after each session and for more detailed feedback, you can either check your training file from your training computer or later in the Polar Flow app or web service

Sport profiles

- Allows you to choose the sport relevant for your training from over a hundred Polar sports with sport-specific reports

You can get the most valuable information for you from your chosen sport

All sport profiles are based on certain logic and the most common (endurance) sports are enhanced with Polar-specific multipliers affecting calorie and training load calculation

You can choose and adjust your own favourite sports and define specific settings for each one in Polar Flow

In more advanced training computers you can get tailored views during your training and choose what data you want to follow during training, for instance heart rate or just speed and distance

-GPS via mobile

- When you train outdoors and bring your phone with you, your speed, distance and route are tracked with your phone´s GPS

In order for this feature to work, make sure that your phone is getting a GPS signal and that the Bluetooth connection between your phone and wrist unit is working

-Training history

- Stores your recent training files

Memory capacity and number of stored training files varies according to training computer and what and how much data is included in files (e

g.heart rate, GPS)

Certain languages also affect the memory capacity

-Heart rate sensor mode

- With the heart rate sensor mode you can use your wrist unit to track your heart rate and transfer live heart rate data to other Polar products, such as cycling computers, or to compatible gym equipment, apps and other devices via Bluetooth


- Measurement

- Weight:31,7g (S), 37,3g (M/L)


- Resolution:80 x 160.-Water resistance

- WR30.

- Rechargeable battery

-USB cable

- micro USB

-Display texts in languages 15.-Bluetooth Smart

- Connects your Polar device and possible sensors to each other and enables you to sync your data via mobile

It is a standardized, wireless communication technology that is optimized for low power consumption and based on an open platform

Once paired, the Bluetooth Smart sensor is automatically locked to transmit data to your training computer

The training computer picks up your data from your transmitter only

Smart Notifications

- Allows you to stay up to date when wearing your training computer in your everyday life

You will receive alerts from incoming calls, messages and push notifications from social media apps and see them on the display of your training computer

During training you can see who´s calling and decide if you want to pick up or keep on enjoying your workout

You can define which notifications you wish to receive in your phone´s settings or turn off notifications altogether from your training computer

-Vibration alerts


-Button lock

- Keeps the buttons of your training computer safety locked avoiding any undesired accidental presses

-Date and weekday indicator

-Time of day (12/24h)

-Firmware update

- Allows you to update the software to the latest version with a USB


- Offers an easy way to follow your training, activity and progress in the Polar Flow web service

You can see your data in a daily, monthly or weekly view

The Diary data includes e

g.completed training sessions and plans, test results and your daily activity

-Social feed -Be a part of the Polar training community and meet other Polar trainers there

You can share your own achieves, like training sessions or activity summaries or you can follow and comment other trainers´ training session or activity summary

-Instant activity and training analysis

- Gives you an instant, visual summary of one training session or your activity in the Polar Flow app

You can follow your activity in daily, weekly or monthly view

-Advanced activity and training analysis

- Allows you to easily analyze every detail of your training and long-term physical activity in the Flow web service

You can also get a deeper insight into your training analyses, for example compare your heart rate against speed, view detailed lap information or analyze your performance related to the route

Besides the many details you get about your physical activity and all the health benefits that come with it, you can also get practical guidance how to reach your Activity Goal and see your inactive periods

-Training planning

- Create detailed training targets in the Flow web service

You can save them to your training diary or as favorites for later use and sync them to your training computer

You can set for example calorie, time or distance based targets or phased heart rate or speed/pace based targets

With your training targets you can ensure that you gain the desired training effect

During training you can easily follow the guidance on your training computer and get notification with relevant information on the display with audio or vibration alert

After your training session you can make a deeper analysis in the Polar Flow web service how you succeeded compared to your target

-Sport profile settings

- Allows you to choose the sport relevant for your training from over a hundred Polar sports with sport-specific reports

You can get the most valuable information for you from your chosen sport

All sport profiles are based on certain logic and the most common (endurance) sports are enhanced with Polar-specific multipliers affecting calorie and training load calculation

You can choose and adjust your own favourite sports and define specific settings for each one in Polar Flow

In more advanced training computers you can get tailored views during your training and choose what data you want to follow during training, for instance heart rate or just speed and distance

-Progress follow-up

- Offers you a practical tool to follow your development with reports and graphs over longer periods

In Week, Month and Year reports you can choose the sport you want to include to the report

In Custom period you can choose both the period and the sport

DATA TRANSFER:-Compatibility

- Compatible with PC Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and later

Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8, and later

Compatible with Polar Flow web service

Compatible with Polar Flow mobile app via Bluetooth Smart

-Data export

- Allows you to manually export data of your training session to third party apps and services as TCX, GPX or CSV files

You can also zip the files for faster download


you can export a specific route in GPX format or a training session including key training data like route, heart rate, calories and cadence in TCX format

Training history export (from polarpersonaltrainer

com to Polar Flow) You can transfer the training results and fitness test results from polarpersonaltrainer

com to Polar Flow with the following Polar products:RCX3, RCX5, RC3 GPS, CS500, CS500+, RS300X, RS800CX, CS600X, FT80, FT60, FT40 and´s possible to transfer either a single training or fitness test result or up to 25 results at a time

Log into Polar Flow with your polarpersonaltrainer

com username and password

The training and fitness test results are transferred from your polarpersonaltrainer

com account to the corresponding account in Polar Flow (the account with the same username and password)

Note that you Can´t´ choose the account you transfer the results to

-3rd party compatibility

- Offers an easy way to connect your Polar training device with 3rd party services

Your training and daily activity details are automatically sent and available to be used in the services where you allow it

Now you can be connected for example with Strava, TrainingPeaks, Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness,Polar is actively developing new 3rd party compatible services and will update the information constantly.

Recommended Use Multisport
Features Wrist heart rate
Features Daily activiy tracker
Features Accelerometer