100% super absorbent surf ponchos 250gr

Large front pocket

Facilitates changing clothes outdoors

Hood to protect head and hair

Available in two sizes:S / M (100x75cm) M / L (110x80cm)

Protect the swimmer (cold in winter, sun in summer)

 PONCHOS SURF AQUATIC SPORTS:This poncho is made with very soft fabric on the outside

Nonbak surf ponchos are an indispensable element for lovers of water sports

Swimmers, surfers, kayakers, triathletes etc can improve your comfort after practicing your favorite sport thanks to this garment (highly recommended in the practice of water sports)

PERFECT FIT:Available in two sizes S / M and M / L (S / M:100cm high x 75cm wide and M / L:110cm high x 80 wide)

Weight 550grs

Thickness 250grs

Turquoise green and dark gray

PACKAGING:PVC bag for hanging, maintenance instructions and perfectly folded

GREAT PRODUCT:Nonbak surf ponchos protect from cold in winter and sun in summer

In addition, the towel poncho, allows the individual to change clothes / equipment while outdoors, without losing privacy

It is very practical and simple to move inside the poncho itself as it has wide and ``oversized´´ sleeves, allowing quick and agile movement of hands and arms

ADDED:Large pocket on the front

Built-in hood Poncho thick 250 grams.

Recommended Use Triathlon