Navali Mousse 50 Kit

Navali Mousse 50 Kit. Specifications:

The Navali tire mousse makes your bike more stable in extreme situations, allows you to drive with low pressure without being afraid of being able to triad the tire or breaking the rim for a bump, it makes it possible to reach the finish line without having to get off the bike in case of a puncture. or cut. Reduces impacts and both lateral and vertical vibrations an average of 50%. The weight of the mousse is 45-80 grams depending on measurements. (ULTRALIGERO) Used on Cyclo-Cross, Enduro, DH, Cross Country and Marathon bikes. The X2 mousse has double density and gives more pressure than the X1 and is also 15% more durable. Most anti-puncture liquid formulations do not work for Mousse, as they dry out during the first 2 weeks of assembly.