PUCK PRO PLUS DIVE COMPUTERThe Mares Puck Pro + Dive Computer is a large display entry level dive computer which is slim on your wrist with an intuitive menu navigation

Large digits display your vital information so you can see how deep you are and how long you can stay there at a glance

All essential features, no frills

Puck Pro+ is the computer that will accompany you for years and years of underwater adventures

Crystal ClearTempered Mineral Glass display has superior scratch resistance and improved readability at wider viewing angles so you can read the larger digits easily

The large digits have very defined edges so they stand out better

Each section has it´s own area on the screen so the top section will always display your depth, the mid section will display your NDL and lower section displays auxiliary info like water temperature


- 3 operating modes: Air, and Gauge Multigas


- Multigas: 2 gas with O2 at 100%

- Ascent rate in m / min + audible alarm

- Algorithm RGBM

- Pull-down menu navigation simple and intuitive

- Battery life: 200-300 dives

- Possibility to use the technology to connect Bluelink the dive computer with other devices such as mobile phones, tablets or computers wirelessly via Bluetooth

- Software upgradeable: Keep your date with the latest from Mares equipmentMares Puck Pro+ vs Mares Puck Pro

- Improved Aesthetics: larger screen and thinner design

- Upgradeable firmware

- Management 2 gases

- Better visibility: Increased Contrast, Sharpness and Intensity

- Less Consumption

Recommended Use Recreational diving
Features User-replaceable battery
Features Nitrox compatible